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Regular Sessions Every Month - Click on "Enroll Now" below to enroll in the upcoming session or call us @ 051-2825218/9------First session of DELF A1 starts on 25th January, 2016    Careers
New French Language Session Starting from 2nd May, 2016

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New French Language Session Open !!

Kindly get yourself registered before 26th May, 2016 for DELF A1 and A2 Exams. The Exam will be conducted on 6th and 7th June, 2016 at Alliance Française d'Islamabad. Exam Fee is Rupees 4500

DELF A1,A2 Preparatory Classes starting from 30th May, 2016
Days 30/05/2016 - 2/06/2016
Timings 05:30pm – 07:00pm
Note: Prior Knowledge of French Language: Minumum 80 hours>

Days 30/05/2016 - 2/06/2016
Timings 05:30pm – 07:00pm
Note: Prior Knowledge of French Language: Minumum 100-120 hours>

Summer Camp at Alliance Francaise d'Islamabad

Soirée Étudiants at Alliance Francaise d'Islamabad
A students evening was held at Alliance Francaise d'Islamabad on 19th May, 2016 at 06:30pm. A short but interesting program was presented by the students followed by a one dish party.

Coffee Morning at Alliance Francaise d'Islamabad
Coffee Morning with International Foreign Woman Association (IFWA) and Photography exhibition of Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Silvia Maria Grossmann photographs 06-05-2015. Thanks to all for coming and joining us.

The official delegation of three representative members of the Senate of France visited the Alliance française of Islamabad yesterday, April 11th. They have been welcomed by the board of directors, leaded by their president Mrs. Mariam Mehdi and the team of Alliance française.

Musical Evening at Alliance Francaise d'Islamabad
Alliance Françaised’Islamabad in collaboration with the Embassy of France had organized a cultural event on 21st of February as a tribute to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The musical night brought together Sufi lovers from all over the city and was joined by many officials of the Embassy. The evening started with a foreword by Monsieur Pierre Alain Baud who has done extensive research on Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and has written a book on him as well. A mesmerizing Qawwali performed by the renowned Mehr Ali and Sher Ali group..

"L’Alliance française d’Islamabad est constituée en conformité avec les statuts et les buts de l'Alliance française fondée à Paris en 1883, dont la continuité est assurée depuis le premier janvier 2008 par la Fondation Alliance française à Paris"

"The French Cultural Centre Islamabad (Alliance Française d' Islamabad) is constituted under the laws of Pakistan and in conformity with the Constitution and goals of the Alliance Française founded in Paris in 1883. The continuity of Alliance Française d' Islamabad is ensured with effect from first January 2008 by the Fondation Alliance Française of Paris."

Highlights of Cultural Events at Alliance Française d'Islamabad

Lecture Forum: THE BRITISH RAJ (1849 - 1947) by Muhammad Ali Akbar

Movie Event "Le Diner De Cons"

The Alliance Française d’Islamabad is part of the global Alliance française network of over 1000 Alliances françaises spread across more than 130 countries in the world. Our mission is to promote the appreciation of French and Francophone culture as well as the knowledge of French language. Affiliated with the Alliance Française Foundation in Paris, the objectives of Alliance Française d’Islamabad are:

  • To teach French at all levels with the latest information technology catering to students of all ages and backgrounds in an interactive and friendly environment. It provides structured, progressive French courses, based on the Common European Framework for Languages. These courses lead to internationally recognised qualifications in the language, in particular the Diplôme d'etudes en langue française (DELF) and Diplôme approfondi de langue française (DALF). The students of Alliance Française d’Islamabad benefit from academically sound and experienced teachers and have access to classrooms equipped with latest teaching aids;

  • To promote French culture through various programmes and activities;

  • To promote cultural and intellectual links between Pakistan and Francophone institutions and individuals.

  • With the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Fondation Alliance française and the Embassy of France in Pakistan, the Alliance française d’Islamabad has established itself over the years as the linguistic and cultural reference for the francophone world in Pakistan.

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    "Musical Evening (Qawali)"

    DELF DALF Exams November 2012

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